January 2013 is not turning out to be the kind of start a Political Party would hope for a new year. It turns out they are really are like all other politicians in Spain: a bunch of thieving idiots. The socialist party (PSOE) set the bar very high indeed for years, making Spain look like what it actually is: a banana republic in Europe. But it seems like the formerly lofty and exemplary Conservative party (PP) is trying hard to catch up. Not only have its top members allegedly received pay-offs with black money from the former treasurer Mr. Bárcenas, but now one of them (the current health minister Ms. Mato) has allegedly had trips and presents paid through another corruption ring discovered some time ago and known as the Gurtel case. The PP calls this a conspiracy against them, which is exactly what the PSOE does when it’s caught red-handed with its greedy hands in the tax-payers cookie jar. But interestingly enough they are not willing to take Mr. Bárcenas to court to clear their name. Thus the story repeats itself and one must regretfully come to the conclusion that by and large, politicians in Spain are corrupt and stupid.

In the meantime, our nationalist friends in Catalonia and the Basque region continue to impress us with their delirious self serving plans. Mr. Mas, the new emperor of Catalonia, is desperately trying to find ways of becoming independent, but without loosing the mechanisms that enable him to milk funds out of the rest of the country to finance the genetically ingrained corruption and overspending that characterizes the nationalistic Catalan cast. The King, looking weaker and less in control of his mental faculties every day, has lowered the crown to the lowest possible denominator by covering up corruption in his own family, and not speaking out against the endemic corruption that infects Spanish institutions from A to Z. Judges work for politicians, the politicians serve only themselves, the monarchy doesn’t care, and the large corporations are the glue that keep it all running while normal citizens watch as their pensions go down, taxes go up, and no one in power goes to jail because they barely come close to the courts.

Is this situation fixable? During the 90’s, a group of judges in Italy made a bit of a clean up and sent scores of Christian Democrats to prison, but what was the result of all this? Berlusconi. So nothing really changed. In the U.S. President Bush conned an entire nation and the rest of the world to invade Iraq on the false pretext that its non-existent weapons of mass destruction were a threat to the world, when the real reason was to take control of Iraqi oil. Putin’s minions get rid of anyone that becomes too uncomfortable for the Russian democratically elected dictatorship. Is there a solution to all this? Not a permanent one as long as greed and ambition exist. But now and then someone comes along that makes a difference and tries to set things straight. They always fail, but at least they keep humanity’s hope alive.