Riddled by corruption, in a dreadful economic state, and drowning in hoards of useless politicians that live like kings and will do anything and everything to retain all their ill-deserved privileges. This is what Spain is since former socialist prime minister Zapatero was voted into power largely thanks to the March 11th terrorist attack in 2004. The socialist party, orchestrated by the shady Mr. Rubalcaba, managed to convince the gullible Spanish citizenry that the attack was carried out by Islamists in retaliation for Spain’s involvement in the Iraq conflict. Years later that is still to be proven, and even worse, it has come to light that the inquest was a compete fiasco with more holes than a Swiss cheese, that false evidence was planted, witnesses bought, and the police lied about the nature of the explosives in order to move suspicion away from ETA, the Basque terrorist group. To this day it is still not known who is responsible. But it was enough to put the socialists in the government and trigger 8 years of disastrously incompetent mismanagement by Zapatero and his merry band of idiots. During this time, the Catalan separatists, who are prone to invent their history to justify their power hungry delusions, managed to extort funds out of the central government like never before. During this period the level of moral, political and judicial corruption reached new heights. Unfortunately, Mr. Rajoy, the new conservative prime minister since late 2011, has fallen very short on his voter’s expectations. Yes, he’s taken a few measures to fix the economy, but nothing that would endanger politicians’ privileged way of life, reduce the humongous size of the government, give independence back to the judiciary, or tackle corruption and ridiculous separatist claims from Catalans and Basques. Where Spain will end up I do not know, but people are really tired of all this and sooner or later someone will finally loose whatever remaining patience they had.